Diesel, Propane, Air...

Here we have a number of options for liquid handling and management – as well as manuals, parts layouts and electrical drawings to help you.

RDR / Dispensers

High-speed dispensers

Low-Speed Dispensers


Propane Dispensers


DEF Dispensers


AIR Dispensers


Diesel & Gasoline RDR

Propane RDR

Air Dispenser RDR

Base Diagrams

HS2 Single Unit

HS2-D1 Lane Oriented

HS2-DSAT (Dual Satellite)

HS2-SAT Lane Oriented

HS-LS1-D1 (Combo High/Low)


HS-SAT (Single Satellite)

DEF200-X (DEF Units)

CM1-A Air Dispenser

Propane ET100

Electrical Drawings

HS1 or LS1 for use with Petrovend Cardlocks

HS2 or LS2 for use with Petrovend Cardlocks

RDR Parts Breakdown

RDR Frame & Components

RDR DEF Dispenser Parts

RDR ET100 Propane Parts