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Over the Years….

We've been fortunate to work on some really interesting projects. 

Here is a few of these projects which we customized to our clients needs.

Aviation & Marine Projects

Capitale Helicoptere, Quebec

Supply and install for Capitale Helicoptere, Quebec 

Meritt, B.C. Airport

Supply and install for the Merritt, B.C. Airport 

We also supplied and installed a new submerged Turbine on the Av-Gas Line, stainless piping, and new culverts around manholes on the in-ground tanks.

Good Hope Marina

Supply and install for Good Hope Marina

New Vehicle Wash Projects

Fraser Stn - Abbotsford, B.C.

This carwash project was a ground up building added to a c-store site that already had a touch free system on the property.

The customer wanted to have a different in bay automatic from others in the area and decided to put in a friction machine.

P. D. McLaren Limited worked with the design company to help design a site with an Istobal M-NEX-22, free standing dryer, the new Unitec C-start pay station and reclaim system.

Actively right now the wash count is equal to that of the touch free wash.

Mt Lehman - Abbotsford, B.C.

This customer was wanting to add a carwash building to their current c-store gasbar. They had so much success with the other site with the friction machine, they decided to use the same Istobal M-NEX-22 friction machine. We were able to work with the supplier to provide a machine that has the same colour scheme as Shell Canada.

P.D. McLaren Limited worked with the customer’s design company and engineering firm to add the bay on to the existing building to allow for sufficient stacking of vehicles without affecting any traffic flow at the site.

P.D. McLaren Limited installed an Istobal M-NEX-22 friction machine with a mounted contouring drying system, Unitec C-Start paystation and a reclaim system.

Sooke Carwash - Sooke, B.C.

This project was a huge project for the town of Sooke, BC. This development include a laundromat, auto detail building, two bay self serve, a single bay roll over automatic and vacuum islands.

P.D. McLaren Limited was involved in the rollover automatic, self serve bays and vacuum sale and installation.

The roll over automatic was the Istobal M-NEX-22 combination wash, with the capability of doing friction only, touch free only, and a combination wash. The owners wanted equipment that would fill both customer’s needs.

The paystation is a Unitec Portal and the site also has reclaim, soft water, and an R.O. system. The site is currently cashless using a WashCard system to allow the customer to purchase gift cards that could be used on all the automated equipment.

Waves - High River, AB

After the town of High River saw the worst flooding in the town’s history, the site of the new owners of Waves Carwash was damaged beyond being able to repair the existing equipment.

P.D. McLaren Limited were involved in replacing the existing rollover automatic, and self serve bays’ equipment and also replacing the R.O. System, paystation and soft water system.

The customer had done their homework and felt that the best type of rollover automatic had to be a touch free one. P.D. McLaren Limited supplied an Istobal M-24 touch free system and were able to use their existing stand alone Peco dryers.

We also supplied  Blue Devil Self Serve System and Exacta paystation.

Chatman, Ontario

The wash is designed to be a 100′ un manned combo Peco tunnel. It is laid out with 2 pay lanes; Access pay stations are used to accept payment of cash, credit card or car wash card and soon debit cards.

The wash is set-up as a self loading conveyor, with rear wheel push. The wash starts with a High Pressure pre-rinse, next is the foam soap system called a Monsoon. At that point in the tunnel the vehicle is washed with Peco soft foam, from 2 front wraps, 1 top brush, 2 rocker brushes, 2 van side washers and lastly 2 more wraps. Then the vehicle enters the rinse arch and can be rinsed with drying agent and/or sealer wax, or upgraded to Shine Guard long lasting shine protectant.

As the vehicle moves down the Conveyor it enters the dryers next; this 60 horse power dryer package also includes a set of dryer wings (these help move water off the sides of the vehicle) and all dryers are Peco patented Star Gates.  These help control hydro costs as they only open when a vehicle is in the dryer area, and less air means less hydro to drive fans.

This wash can wash more than 80 vehicles per hour if needed.

St-Eustache, Quebec

The customer has a hand wash tunnel and converted it into an hybrid hand and automatic wash.

Petroleum Projects

Esso Cardlock - Cornwall, Ontario.

Esso truck-stop with 13 lanes, 13 Diesel RDR and 13 DEF RDR (Diesel Exhaust fluid)

Macewan Cardlock - Cornwall, Ontario

Macewen Petroleum Cardlock in Cornwall, Ontario with a Diesel and DEF RDR dispensers

Esso - Missisauga, Ontario

Morneau Transport Montreal

Morneau Transport New Terminal in Anjou, Qc

Esso - Hawksbury, Ontario

Esso cardlock in Cornwall, Ontario with a Diesel and DEF RDR dispensers.

DEF Projects

RDR DEF Site in Meductic, NB

DEF dispenser with insulated and heated tank equipped with a Canvas with the customer Logo beside

DEF Approved Container - B.C.

Container Approved by Measurement Canada for re-sale of DEF.

The container is insulated and heated to keep the Diesel Exhaust Fluid from freezing.