Chatham, Ontario

The wash is designed to be a 100' un manned combo Peco tunnel. It is laid out with 2 pay lanes; Access pay stations are used to accept payment of cash, credit card or car wash card and soon debit cards.

The wash is set-up as a self loading conveyor, with rear wheel push. The wash starts with a High Pressure pre rinse, next is the foam soap system called a Monsoon. At that point in the tunnel the vehicle is washed with Peco soft foam, from 2 front wraps, 1 top brush, 2 rocker brushes, 2 van side washers and lastly 2 more wraps. Then the vehicle enters the rinse arch and can be rinsed with drying agent and/or sealer wax, or upgraded to Shine Guard long lasting shine protectant.

As the vehicle moves down the Conveyor it enters the dryers next; this 60 horse power dryer package also includes a set of dryer wings (these help move water off the sides of the vehicle) and all dryers are Peco patented Star Gates.  These help control hydro costs as they only open when a vehicle is in the dryer area, and less air means less hydro to drive fans.

This wash can wash more than 80 vehicles per hour if needed.