Aircraft and Marine Refuelers

P.D. McLaren Limited is proud to introduce a combined self serve fueling solution specific to the needs of the Canadian Aviation Industry.

Industry standard needs are fully met with an ETL certified RDR Aviation Refueler built by P.D. McLaren Limited. The RDR Aviation Refueler utilizes a P.D. McLaren Limited industry proven RDR dispenser integrated with a stainless steel cabinet, Micon 500 head/register, aluminum meter, filter assembly, grounding and hose reels.

The RDR Aviation Refueler is fully integratable with many of the fuel management systems available on the market today.

Airport operators can offer the convenience of self serve fueling to both fixed wing and rotary aircraft allowing for payment options that include credit cards, debit cards, fleet cards and proprietary cards.

Operators now have the full ability to free up ground personnel for more profitable activities along with the option of eliminating expensive ground support vehicles.

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