Service Department

P.D. McLaren Limited Service Department Ready 24-7

Specializing in the Installation of Petroleum Equipment for Carwash, Aviation and Industrial:

  1. Service Stations
  2. Truck Stops
  3. Bulk Plants
  4. Airports
  5. Marinas
  6. Carwash Installations/Maintenance
  7. Generator Underground Storage Tank and Day Tank Installation and Upgrade

Products and Services Provided:

Services :

Petroleum Equipment Repairs, Installation and Technical Support

Products :

  1. RDR High and Low Speed Commercial Refueler
  2. Bennett Retail Refuelers
  3. RDR Aviation Refuelers
  4. RDR D.E.F. Refuelers and Systems
  5. OPW Engineered Systems
  6. OPW Fueling Components
  7. OPW Fuel Management Systems
  8. OPW Tank Inventory Monitoring Systems
  9. MTS Tank Inventory System
  10. Aviation Valves and Control Systems
  11. Petroleum and Aviation Fuel Filtration Systems
  12. Liquid Metering Equipment
  13. Batching Systems
  14. Meter Proving

P.D. McLaren Limited Technicians are Factory Certified in OPW and Veeder Root 
Electronic Tank Gauge Systems and OPW Fuel Card Access Hardware and Windows Based Phoenix Plus Software.

OPW Fuel Management Systems

Our Technicians are also Government Certified Petroleum Equipment Installers and Equipment Petroleum Service Technicians.


The company is a Registered Electrical Contractor with a staff of Journeymen and Apprentice Electricians.


P.D. McLaren Limited Technicians are Trained, Certified and Licensed